Thursday, 6 October 2011

Purple Smokey Eyes


Here's the original look

And here's how's you get the updated look!

Step One- 2 sets of Sunny Bunny Midnight lashes on the upper lash line, and one set on the lower.

Step Two- Black Khol Liner on upper outer corners
 then Lemon Yello Khol Liner on the tear duct
 and Plum Khol Liner on the lower lash line

Step Three- Black Liquid Liner on whole eye

Step Four- Black Lengthening Mascara
 and Volumising Mascara

Step Five- Black Eyeshadow on lid
 then Plum Eyeshadow over it
 then Beige Eyeshadow on first half of lid
 then Dusky Pink Eyeshadow on brow bone to blend edges
 then a tiny bit of Lemon Yellow Eyeshadow under the brows
 and add some more Black Eyeshadow if needed

Step Six- Light Coral Pink Lipstick

Step Seven- Dusky Pink Blush on cheekbones

Here's the finished look

If you try this look out, show me in the comments :)
Leave any feedback or requests there too!

Thanks for reading! Jazzy Mo.

Makeup Comp Theme:Halloween, Makeup your medoll in a costume way! Ex. Vampire,Fairy,Witch,etc.

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