Tuesday, 4 October 2011

listen up writers important :)

Hi i'm here to tell yuo some important news about TSC. Writers will now get paid for doing work. If you want to be a writer contact me. You will only get paid IF you do good work.. It will be every month on the last day.

You will get paid a maximum of 10sd a month but mostly around 5sd. I'm doing this as it will help us get more followers and more intresting stories. If you are a wriet you must write a post at least 5 times a month, If there are exceptions contact me.

Ways to get more money is to go the extra mile. AKA - Ask different blogs to be our media partner our sponsor (Must have more then 30 members) Ask blogs to write a post about you for a small fee. If it costs more then 5sd contact me and i will decide whether or not to go forward with the idea...

Thanks for listening!

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