Saturday, 3 September 2011

Vote MissIreland1234 MSW!


Her Interview. By EmilyPrincess25

Hi MissIreland1234!  I'm going to ask you some questions... Are you ready to begin?


Why should people vote you Miss Stardoll World –
Because I have a great personality and I love to be nice to everybody and my medoll’s style is fantastic and the clothes and colours really reflect it

Why did you join stardoll?

Because it’s a great way to communicate with my friends all over the world and on holiday and to meet great people like you Emily!

What over blogs do you read? Apart from TSC!

Hmm... Well I don’t really read any blogs. I sometimes read Underneath Stardoll.. But TSC is much better !

Have you won any awards in life?

When I was a baby I won Bonny Baby, When I was 7 I won little miss rainbow...  I won best Irish Dancer and best handwriting twice in a row!

Wow! So you are quite an achiever in life... Have you won any awards on stardoll?

Yes! Having loads of kind friends on stardoll is definitely my best achievement yet!

Thank you for your time... We hope you had a great time working on this interview with us.

All this costs only 4sd or 38sc!

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