Friday, 30 September 2011

Non SS for a


Hey FancyNichole101, we've missed you a bunch! Plus, we've always thought that you totally deserve to be a Superstar, so...

Come back to Stardoll on Thursday September 29 and be a Superstar for the whole day - FOR FREE!

As a Superstar you get to access the latest 50% Sale in Starplaza, purchase all the awesome Superstar-only clothing, dress-up all the newly released Dolls, throw a fun Party with friends and much, much more! It's going to be a Thrilling Thursday... so we really hope to see you there! xx

So you might've seen this
Yesterday,Non SS were SS for a day,I'm gonna tell you the best way to spend your money
There are a lot exclusives and one of them is the eye makeup,make sure to get some coz thats how you can get pretty which leads to becoming popular.
This was my list

Liquid eye liner
Eye Pencil
Eye shadow ,purple

What was your list?


  • 30 September 2011 at 15:17
    alana828 says:

    White Eye shadow
    Red Highlights
    Maroon Hair dye
    Purple Eye Shadow

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