Sunday, 10 July 2011

Makeup Models!

Haii guys im going to do a new segment called......Jazzys Makeup Models! Its where a chose a medoll and do their makeup (dont worry i dont need your pass!)  I secretly tell them that they have been chosen and tell which lookalike im going to use the the get the same facial features as that lookalike and i will do the makeup on them from their beauty parlor! And if you want to make it easier i can email you the lookalike we will be using. If you dont get chosen dont worry there is always next week we will do it weekly and if you want to be my makeup model leave your Stardoll username in the comments or you could do the email thing if you pick that type in your email address AND your stardoll username  or  (i hate it when i keep getting ideas) you could send me an email at saying "i want to be Jazzys Makeup model" and your stardoll username below then i will reply with a picture of the lookalike if you chose to just leave your stardoll username in the comments i will send you the link of the lookalike! 
                                                            xoxo Jazzy Mo

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