Friday, 9 December 2011

Amazing Dior/Chanel Holiday Shop Fashions

Hey all, SEL here ;) I'm reporting on some new, unique styles I've seen that have incorporated the new Holiday Shop clothes. I've replicated and tweaked the outfit on my own account a little, as not to disturb the original creators of the style. Enjoy!
An interesting one that incorporates Dior, Rio, Chanel and Evening Falls.
 A lovely race-day inspired look which includes items from Chanel and Epiphany.

An awesome little showbiz number, with Chanel, Fallen Angel, Riveria, and Sunny Bunny.

One of my favourites, an all Dior outfit with bright colours :)

Heh heh, PANDA~!

So thats all from SEL today, I'll keep reporting on the latest trends soon.

SEL~ StarryEyedLovers~ Louise

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